Music on the Green, Saturday August 1st, 12pm - 2pm: Krista Tremellow

Posted: August 1st, 2015

Krista grew up in Oakville, Ontario and like many other Ontarians, had a hankering for the Westcoast. She moved to BC ten years ago, first landing in Whistler. Five years later, she made the move to the Island and has been here since. Currently living in Ucluelet, she hosts Jam Night at Officials and is keen to help the music scene on the edge grow to its full potential. She kills it on boards of all kinds; be it skate, snow, surf or long, you will find her riding. Playing folk, reggae and alternative, she loves jamming and hopes you love jamming too.

Music on the Green, Saturday August 8th 12-2pm: Andrew Giesbrecht

Posted: July 24th, 2015

Andrew Giesbrecht is a local legend; a man of many talents, DVD's and curls.

For over 17 years Andrew has pounded the streets of Tuff City, originally hailing from Speinbach, Manitoba, the Friendly Province. Interesting and little known fact: Speinbach is German for Stony Brook.

When asked whom his musical influences were, Andrew's reply was "Good...good". Easily confused but rarely swayed, Andrew got right back on track and answered with an expansive range of interest from Bob to Bach.

Playing mostly show tunes from the 40's-60's, blues and jazz, Andrew can rock out on the guitar, piano, bass and tambourine. If not familiar with Andrew, you may recognise him as the man wearing pink crocks and frequently inhabiting Rhino from 10-12am, before heading to feed the masses at Kuma, our local Japanese Comfort Food eatery.

Music on the Green, Saturday August 15th 10 - 11:45am: Adam Bay

Posted: July 24th, 2015

Earthy, edgy, and upbeat, Adam Bay’s music reflects deep West Coast roots and a life-long passion for global sounds. Raised on Vancouver Island, this one­-man-band is constantly striving to perfect his craft. At the age of 9 Bay learned his first instrument, the Didgeridoo, and quickly fell in love. Throughout adolescence Bays passion for global music lead him to the weissenborn and ukulele cementing himself as a multi talented one-man show.

Bay has spent many years doing performances up and down Vancouver Island, as well as playing on the Gulf Islands. His love of the Island life shows strongly in his song writing and powerful West Coast style. Drawing inspiration from the nature around him, Bay has fused West Coast flavor with international influences. Constantly working and evolving as a musician, there is something for everyone in his tracks, whether it is an upbeat Didgeridoo solo, or a mellow folky weissenborn track.

Currently in studio, Bay has teamed up with two local weissenborn luthiers for his first full length album, Neil Russell of Celtic Cross Instruments and Michael C. Rusen. Russell providing access to his private collection of vintage and original weissenborns and Rusen custom hand crafting new weissenborns for Bay, has many waiting in anticipation for the release of Bay's debt album.

Working with talented local artists, producers and videographers, Bay plans on releasing his first official album in the Fall of 2015.

Talented Artists Wanted!

Posted: June 11th, 2015

Talented musicians and entertainers! We have several Saturdays not spoken for. We would love to get you on the Market stage from 12-2PM. We want to experience your fire breathing, magic act, hula hooping, guitar wielding and ear crushing voice.
Contact Erika at